Tech horror: This guy’s iCloud account got hacked

Tech horror: This guy’s iCloud account got hacked

This raises questions about how trustworthy cloud services are. Mat Honan says his account was hacked but the hacker didn’t use the password to do it. The hacker got in via Apple’s technical support system. This is really scary. Can we really trust cloud services yet? I am afraid not.

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After a month with the iPad 2: Things I like and don’t like about the device

Its been a month with my iPad 2 and I thought its a nice idea to share my opinion about the tablet. This is not an in-depth review but some quick thoughts on the iPad.

  • Display: Very good IPS display but not fantastic. Users of iPhone 4/4s will know what I am talking about.
  • Screen: Extremely responsive touch- just like all apple devices. They could do something about fingerprints though.
  • Apps: The best of the best are available on the app store. Flipboard is one of my favorites.
  • Battery life: Phenomenal.
  • The device feels great in hand. Could have been lighter, but its the best designed tablet out there.
  • Camera: Sucks. The front camera is actually better than the back one.
  • Software: iOS is great. The best tablet OS. And its only evolving every year.
  • The device feels very snappy. No lags whatsoever.
  • Music and videos: You won’t find yourself listening to music so much on the iPad. But its great to watch videos.
  • Reading books: Its a very good e-reader but not the best. From what I have heard from others, Kindle is the best. Again, iPad is still a very good device to read your books.
  • Games: Many games are better on the iPad than the iPhone. Especially board games shine on this one.
  • The newsstand concept is trash. But the intention is good.
  • I can assure that you can stop your newspaper subscription if you own this tablet. The news apps available are all too good.
  • iCloud: It got more attention than what it deserved when it launched. iCloud does a great job of keeping your Apple devices in sync but it won’t make you dump dropbox; because iCloud doesn’t let you store files in the cloud.
  • Browsing the web on this one is like a breeze.
  • The in-built speaker could do a better job.
  • Multitasking gestures are a big boon. And they are good to show-off 😉
  • You can use this as a photo frame. Run the slideshow and prop it on a stand.
  • The best tablet? Yes.
  • Worth the money? Surely yes. Casual users of the web can in fact replace their PC/Mac with an iPad.

I can talk a lot more in detail, but this gives an idea. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments section.

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