Hike- Not just another messaging app

Hike- Smart Instant messaging for Android

I came across this app at Beautiful pixels. There are two standout features in this app which makes it a significant alternative to WhatsApp (my goto messaging app now):

  1. Great design.
  2. The ability to send text messages (SMS) from the app to any contact.

I have tried many messaging apps in the past, none trumping whatsapp. But I think this one will. I can’t wait for this to be released on iOS.

The best free iPhone apps

iMore’s authoritative guide to the best free iPhone apps

iMore has a good list of the best free apps for the iPhone. I would like to add a few more which I think are great but left out there.

    Zite: a very good news app. A good alternative to flipboard.
    Wunderlist: a very simple to use, cross platform service to keep your to-do lists in sync.
    Simplenote: its the best notes service which sync across all platforms. The UI is super simple to use and helps you focus just on writing.
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