The distance between humans and computers

When computers first made their entry into mass market, there was at least one internet connected computer in a locality. We used to go to browsing centres to browse the web and send e-mails.

When they became even more affordable, there was a computer in every home.

When Laptops started to become a trend, there was a computer in every room; along with the advantage of them being somewhat portable.

And now, there is a computer in every hand; always accessible, always connected; just an arm’s length away – the smartphone. They are computers in every true sense of the word; packing quad core processors and 2 gigs of ram along with a camera and much more would have been considered to be a joke 10 years ago.

The smartphone is not an evolution of the phone; its an evolution of the computer. As time goes on, the distance between humans and computers will only diminish.

The era of real ‘personal’ computing has just started.

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