How Bump’s Photo upload feature works

Technology never fails to amaze me. When I think about it, even a normal phone call seems like an amazing wonder of technology. A lot keeps happening in this field. Especially in the smartphone era, developers keep coming out with clever ideas to surprise us and make our lives easier. One of the most recent apps which brought a clever feature to us is ‘Bump’. It is a sharing app for Android and iOS users which allows users to simply bump each others’ phones and send text, contacts, photos etc from one device to another. That’s something bump has been doing ever since its inception years ago. Recently, they added a photo upload feature which allows a user to upload photos from a phone to PC by simply bumping the phone with the PC keyboard’s spacebar. Here’s a small graphic below which instructs the user about the new feature:

You just need to go to and get started. Once you have bump on your phone installed, that is.

When I first saw this, I was extremely impressed. On hindsight, this looks like a feature which makes you think..”How do they really do this?”.. Then I thought about figuring this thing out. Its actually a very simple trick.

The system requires both your phone and PC to be on the same network. That is the reason why they ask for location sharing when you head to As shown above, you need to bump your phone with the spacebar to get things started. Well, it turns out that’s not the only way to do it. I took my phone and bumped it with a table, while pressing the keyboard on my PC at the same time. And bam! both the devices got connected. All the app does is to use a keyboard press + a bump anywhere to authorize the connection. The rest, as you know, works just like a normal wireless transfer would.

Yeah, its not a huge discovery, but it shows how the devs have used a simple idea and cleverly packaged it as a magical feature. One more good thing about this feature is that its a great way to transfer photos from a phone to the desktop PC. You can also use Photo stream to do this and more if you have an iDevice, but this is kinda cool.

And because a picture is like a thousand words, here’s my illustration explaining the same as above.

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