Use Photostream to quickly transfer photos and screenshots

Photostream iconOur smartphones and desktops come with some really cool features and most of us use it only in the way it has been advertised. However, no matter how subtle it may be, there are various angles to any particular feature. Photostream on iOS has one major use: ‘to find all your photos from your iphone/ipad on your desktop/mac’. iCloud takes care of this. When you click a picture on your iphone, it goes to iPhoto on mac and to a user specified folder on windows.

Porting screenshots

A lot of designers and developers use screenshots to study the design, post screenshots of their apps or for various other reasons. I came across this post by John Marstall (via Shawn blanc) who gives us a quick rundown on transferring screenshots to a Mac. Since Photostream for Mac uses iPhoto, and not folders (like windows), his method to create a custom folder is very useful and handy.

On windows : Apple offers a software for windows, aptly named ‘iCloud control panel’ . This app keeps your bookmarks from safari, contacts from outlook etc; in addition to photo stream in sync. Users are required to point the software to two folders, one for downloads and another for uploads. You take a screenshot/pic, and its there in the downloads folder instantly. The original purpose is to find all your photos from camera roll, but since screenshots are directly saved to camera roll, I find it as an easy way to transfer screenshots.

Transferring photos

Back when there was no iCloud, I used iTunes to transfer photos from my PC to iPod. I never liked the way iTunes handled the transferring of photos. But now, its very easy to ditch iTunes. I just copy photos I want to transfer into the uploads folder and find it on my iPhone’s photo stream album. Then, I create new albums and copy the photos into their respective albums. Simple.

Its a lot easier than connecting my phone to iTunes and wait for everything to sync.

So those were two new dimensions to how you can use Photostream. Thanks for reading.

Download links: iCloud control panel for windows

Setting up iCloud on Windows or Mac

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