Sync Google calendar with Windows 7


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I love to use all web services from all my devices. Contacts, Notes, To-do lists; and Calendar is no exception. Google Calendar has got to be one of the best services out there. I already access Gcal from my iPhone and iPad through Exchange. But accessing the service from my Windows desktop PC has always been a pain. There is nothing to take away from the web interface, but I like to view appointments in a simple and quick manner without much point and click. Gcal syncs with outlook but even that isn’t simple and minimal.

What you need

Windows live calendar gadget

How it works

  • Sign into Google calendar, select the calendar you want to sync from My calendars, access the dropdown menu and openCalendar settings. Under Private address, click ICAL and copy the address shown.
  • Right click anywhere on your desktop, go to gadgetsand drag and drop the Windows Live calendar gadget. Select options, and now paste the URL you copied in the previous step. And that’s all there is to it. All your events will now be synced with Gcal.

Do remember that this gadget cannot be used to add events. Its just to view your events- A trade-off for all the ultra-simplicity you get.

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