Quick tip:A software fix for an unresponsive home button on your iDevice

The home button is both iconic and the most abused part on an iPhone or iPad. I have seen many struggle with a sticky or unresponsive home button. Here’s a quick and dirty fix for the unlucky ones:

Open Settings > General > Accessibility. Find Assistive  Touch and turn it on. You have a nice little software home button floating on your screen.

Home button fix

Not one of the best methods to fix the home button, but its quick, easy and doesn’t cost you a penny.

Some other methods:

  • Recalibrate the home button
Open a stock app(clock, calendar,etc) and hold the power button till the slide to power off appears. Then, keep holding the home button until you see your home screen. 50/50 chances of this working.
  • Replace with a new button
  • Reboot your device (Techpp suggests rebooting  your device often could solve the problem)
  • And if nothing works, buy a new device 😉
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