Free alternatives to Photoshop

Adobe’s Photoshop is one software which is used by various kinds of professionals. Photographers, Designers, Artists.. all of them use this software. But not all of us use it extensively. It is an expensive software and is a waste of hard-earned money if you use it only occasionally. And even those who choose to go the pirated way, it is more of a hassle to install such a heavy software. The open source community is always there to please one and all to shower freebies on the end user. So here’s the list of free Photoshop alternatives:


It is a very good image editor and can do almost everything that Photoshop can. Download

GIMP is not an easy-to-use tool and requires some learning. You can learn to use GIMP using this great e-book: Grokking the GIMP


Its not only free, its one of the lightest image editors out there at 3.5mb. Great for some quick editing and cropping.  Download


Though it cannot be considered as a solid alternative to Photoshop, it is great fro some quick editing. It is as simple and quick as it can get with image editors. All you have to do is visit their site, import your photos(via flickr, photobucket, etc. or from your PC) and get started. Its purely an online editor and no installation or registration is required. They have one-click filters which can be applied easily. Visit Picnik


Another Online image editor which doesn’t require registration. They offer plenty of editing options and effects through their what they call as advanced tools. For developers, they have Web and Mobile APIs which they can use in their apps. Visit Aviary

(thanks to @pradeek for the tip)

Photoshop Online

Photoshop offers a super-light bare bones version of its software on Again, this is an online editor but requires you to sign up with Adobe unlike Picnik which doesn’t require any registration.

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