3 Location-based iOS apps you must try

Whats the use of a smartphone if you don’t put its GPS radio to the fullest use? Apart from using the in-built maps to find a route or simply look-up a location or address, there are plenty of things you can do with your GPS-enabled iPhone. These three apps allow you to do a lot more and  make smartphones really smart:

1. Google places:

You must have heard of it already and its one of the most reliable services when it comes to finding local banks, restaurants, tourist spots and other places based on your location. Contrary to the notion that Google doesn’t make good apps for iOS, this one is an exception. Its tightly integrated with the maps app and doesn’t interfere in you discovering locations by adding unnecessary features. Its to the point, and does what it is meant to do.

App store link: Google Places (free)

2. Location Alarm:

This is a one of a kind app. Imagine you want to be reminded of something when you reach a particular location. You simply search for any location from the app, and set an alarm with the suitable label for that location. The app even updates the distance between your current location and the destination(or the location you have set the alarm for). You can even change the radius of the alarm based with respect to the destination location. And, there’s also a neat little trick with this app: The app updates the current speed along with the distance. So, you can even use this as a speedometer to find out the speed at which you are traveling.

Note: The location based alarm feature is not to be confused with iOS 5’s reminders app’s ability to set location alarms. It allows you to set alarms only based on your current location and a contact’s address.

App store link: Location Alarm ($0.99)

3. Foursquare:

It is the king of location-based social networks and doesn’t need any introduction. The foursquare app does all that Google places can do and a lot more. Its a very well designed app. The best part is the reviews from other users about a place which can be really helpful. The new ‘Explore’ tab is a great feature which lets you explore recommended and trending nearby places. Lists are also very useful if you are traveling to a new place. Lists are created by other users and are shown to you with relevance to your location. ’10 must visit places’, ‘best places to eat’,etc are just a few examples of lists. Though this app can feel a little complicated to some users, the foursquare service has a great utility value and has a lot more to it than simple check-ins and badges.

App store link: Foursquare (free)

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