The way to a clutter free desktop

Have you ever wondered how much of a garbage your PC collects every time you browse the web, every time you install and uninstall a file and every time you use a file. There’s  a lot of errors that are generated in the registry when you uninstall a program from your PC. From time to time, such garbage and errors in the system  cause your PC to slow down. Its also highly important to Defrag your hard disk as and when possible. I would like to tell you all about a software I have been using for more than three months now. Its called Win utilities(Download link). It acts like a personal maintenance manager for your system. Here are some of the features the software boasts of:
Also, there is this feature called 1-click maintenance where you can check or uncheck many common tasks and get them running with the click of a single button. The best part about Win utilities is the simple UI it offers. Its very easy to follow and even novice users will feel at home.
         It also has a File undelete program. I must say that this works. It really does unlike some other programs which just show your deleted files but never let you retrieve it. Even the defragging of disks works well. With so many features, the software isn’t  a bloat at all and thats a good thing. Its as good as the popular CCleaner and offers many more features than that. All in all I would rate it 4/5.
Download WinUtilities from here.
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