The Best sites to follow for the Best iPhone app deals

The Apple app store for iPhone and iPad apps is growing by each and everyday and a there are a plethora of applications out there. There are apps which are free and there are some which are Paid. Not all of us get Paid apps and thus settle for the free ones. Not many know that the prices of the apps in the app store keep changing. Sometimes they go free too (for a limited time). With over 100,000 apps out there, its  difficult to keep track of when which app went free or cheaper. The app store only allows us to search for apps and lists the top paid and free apps and that is all. So to have a constant knowledge and feed of all the apps and their prices by following these sites.>>

This site lists the no. of apps available and you can easily see the top 100 apps of the app store. There’s a ‘popular recent changes’ listing on their homepage which shows recent price changes in the store. When you click an app, it shows the price history of the app too. So this shows whether you are getting the app at an all time low price or at a high price. Apps are also neatly categorized as paid and free. Not only this, you get alerted when there’s a price change in any of the apps in your wish list. You can follow them on twitter at
Krapps is one hell of a funny site. Really.. they get some great news as well as keep us informed of the best app deals. Their site gives detailed reviews of apps with a lot of humor and more than that, they are the best to follow on twitter.Their twitter feed provides info on apps not only from their site but from various iPhone sites. So you gain a lot there. Follow them on twitter at
Appsafari’s home page displays the newest of apps and unlike the top 100 on appshopper, they have a unique top 25 listing. This gives you a choice to choose the best of the best.Again, there are apps listed in various categories and one great thing at appsafari is the daily app giveaway. If you are lucky enough, you can win an app for free.There’s a giveaway daily, so your probability of winning is increased if you follow them keenly. Follow them on twitter at
This site offers some nice reviews of the newest apps at the homepage and there’s a unique top 148 apps category.Its quite interesting as some of the top apps are chosen for this category.Not only that, they have a ‘top 148 apps of all times’ and ‘148 most recent apps’  category too. There are also top ‘148 free apps’ and ‘top 148 paid apps’. So that pretty much sums up why the site is named so.All the price drops and changes are neatly listed out in a categorised manner in a separate section of the website. Follow them on twitter at
I hope you find this guide useful.Happy app shopping!
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