How to: Sharing paid iPhone apps with others

Consider you have multiple iphones or iPod touches or many including you own an iphone or touch, you all wouldn’t consider buying the same app from the iTunes store. Its always good to share your things with family and friends. There is a method (a legal one to share your paid apps with others).

* Go to applications in iTunes .

* Drag and drop the desired application onto your desktop.

* copy the file to a pen drive and transfer it to your friend’s pc.

* Now double click the app to add it to ur friend’s app library.

* In iTunes, click authorize computer and enter your username and password.

* Sync their iPhone and they have now got the app!

* Ask your friend to login to itunes store using your id and password.

* iTunes remembers that  you have paid for the app before and lets your friend download the app for free this time around.

* hurray and they can now download the app and sync it to their phone.

Note: One iTunes  account can work with only 5 authorized computers at a time.

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