How to: Backing up iPhone apps

We love our ipod touch or iphone apps, don’t we? But we dont like to download them over and again. You can find all your apps in the applications category of your iTunes. What if you want to uninstall itunes or u format your PC for any reason? You may lose all your apps and more than that you have to download them again. So, here’s a brief “how to” on backing up your apps in case of any reasons mentoined above:

1.  Before you format or uninstall iTunes, go to MyDocuments on your PC.
2. Go to MyMusic>iTunes>Mobile Applications .
3. In the Mobile Applications folder you can find all the apps which you had downloaded.
4.  Select all those files and copy them onto your external hard drive or a pen drive.
5.  That’s it you are done.
6.  After you have reinstalled iTunes and ready to go, place all the files you backed up in the same location  path mentioned in step 2.

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